The answer in brief is that we want audiences and enthusiasts to  ENJOY STUNTS RESPONSIBLY.

Last year we added this statement to our home page but it’s a little out of the way down the bottom, so here it is to recap:

Stunts performed or designed by our members for the screen are carefully risk assessed and managed. As are some performed by other professionals and at organised live show venues.  Our members are highly skilled, well trained and experienced – the most suitable professionals are selected to collaborate and create dynamic action and effects in controlled conditions. The aim is always to minimise risk, and safety is of absolute paramount importance, for the performer(s), crew and public.

The British Stunt Register (BSR) does not endorse unmanaged thrill seeking activities for entertainment’s sake. Those activities, unregulated extreme sports (without careful and relevant training), unassisted non-professional ‘stunts’, daredevil displays, misuse or non-use of safety equipment, and abuse of some environments with or without permission (i.e. trespass) are dangerous and pose potential risk of injury or death.  Individuals who undertake these activities can only be perceived as doing so of their own volition and the BSR cautions that to record and/or share video of those activities in the public domain is irresponsible.  Any person who wishes to join the BSR should refrain from participating in these activities and the BSR will not accept any visual media (or follow links to it) for application review without the express confirmation that these activities do not feature in it.

Finally, for those who would love to emulate their action heroes, as the well worn but no less applicable saying goes, don’t try this at home.  Don’t risk your own safety or that of your friends. Pop that corn and enjoy stunts on the screen, please.

Who We Are

The British Stunt Register is the worlds leading and largest association of stunt professionals.

We provide the international film and television industry with stunt performers and co-ordinators of the highest standard.

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