Kudos to the members of the J.I.S.C. – they are the forebears of the British Stunt Register association.  In recent years the register had been overseen by the Joint Industry Stunt Committee, the Joint Industry Grading Scheme (JIGS) and Equity, until some stresses and strains put paid to it and the UK Stunt Community was advised to continue and maintain an organisation with similar aims, when the tri-committee administration disbanded.   The members of the JISC register were all called to remain together – and the majority of them did (around 90%), remaining a cohesive and recognisable group who followed the same rules and operated the same grade system as before, and was familiar to our industry colleagues. During that first year this association followed the status quo, and while strictly applying the old rules, a huge amount of work was put in to review and improve the Application Requirements and the Grade Scheme.  In addition, the Health & Safety training that had been long anticipated was finally put together in consultation with independent safety companies.  Having made those leaps forward, our current committee is still paddling away intensely; focused on various other matters that now take priority, while still maintaining an overview of the register.

Some members of the former JISC didn’t join the BSR immediately.  We have welcomed back a slow and steady stream of “non-joiners” over the last 2 years and we have reached out to them all, both from our office in ways GDPR regulations permit, and through the personal relationships our members have retained in the stunt community. We are aware that many were reaching a natural career break and have retired or will do soon.  The BSR is open to JISC members to return to the register and we welcome applications from them *while their experience and credentials still have parity with our increasingly higher standards– The time to join is now!  (Former JISC members joining the BSR will have to fulfil the mandatory Health & Safety Training requirement – and sit the BSR course applicable to their grade).

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The British Stunt Register is the worlds leading and largest association of stunt professionals.

We provide the international film and television industry with stunt performers and co-ordinators of the highest standard.

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