SINCE 1973

The British Stunt Register is the longest established and largest association of stunt professionals working in the Film and Television industry both in the UK and internationally.

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With a history of safe, professional and award winning work, The British Stunt Register has a proven track record of providing the International Film & Television industry with the very best in Stunt Performers and Stunt Co-ordinators.

Working at every level from commercials and gaming mo-cap to television, independent film to the biggest feature film franchises in the world, our members can meet the specific requirements for productions on any scale.

No other group of stunt professionals in the world has the wealth of knowledge and experience contained within The British Stunt Register.

The inception of the British Register of Stunt Performers happened in 1973. It was approved jointly by the Film Productions Association of Great Britain and the British Actors Equity Association, founded to establish the highest standards of performance and safety for stunt performers, actors and crew.

Later known as the JISC (Joint Industry Stunt Committee), and now as The British Stunt Register (BSR), it is the largest and only professional association of industry recognised Stunt Performers and Co-ordinators in the world with over 430 members.

Discover What We Do

Discover What We Do

Over 45 Years Experience

Striving to provide the Film & TV industry with Stunt Performers & Stunt Co-ordinators with all the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge that are demanded by stunt work in the 21st century.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with members of The British Stunt Register;

  • The largest association of stunt professionals working in the film and TV industry in the UK
  • Responsible for creating some of the most iconic sequences in Film and TV
  • Collectively, holders of numerous Emmys, Taurus Awards and SAG Awards
  • Industry relevant stunt grading scheme providing an established pathway from Stunt Performer to Stunt Co-ordinator with closely monitored peer guidance
  • Internationally recognised
  • BSR App freely available to industry professionals
  • BSR Directory of Stunt Action Co-ordinators and Performers (available as hard copy or digital format)
  • All members hold a personal accident insurance policy
  • Members only stunt specific Health & Safety courses developed by leading industry H&S officers and Stunt Co-ordinators (provided by 1st Option, MSS and MSL)
  • A close working relationship with Equity
  • Dedicated office and staff based at Pinewood Studios providing membership support
  • Building relations with insurers to facilitate appropriate production insurance and influence better production practice
  • All members of the BSR are bound by the rules of its Constitution, Code of Conduct and adhere to the BSR Equality and Diversity statement

    "The British Stunt Registers reputation is unparalleled internationally. I am in full support of all that they do to improve the safety of our stunt performers."
    "I've had the pleasure of working with members of The British Stunt Register on several occasions and have found them to be very hard working, dedicated and professional stunt performers and co-ordinators."

Who We Are

The British Stunt Register is the worlds leading and largest association of stunt professionals.

We provide the international film and television industry with stunt performers and co-ordinators of the highest standard.

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