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Below you will find answers to most frequently asked questions about The British Stunt Register. Please contact us if you can’t find the relevant information on this page. We are constantly looking to update our FAQ with information to make your life easier.

The British Stunt Register is a unique group of professional stunt performers and Co-ordinators. Established in 1973 the British Stunt Register administers a recognised career structure for Stunt Performers and Co-ordinators in the UK. The main purpose of the British Stunt Register is to ensure the highest standard in both stunt performances and safety. Joining The British Stunt Register means you are part of an elite group of professional stunt performers and co-ordiantors.

Contact us for the annual cost of membership. Our members can enjoy a whole host of exclusive benefits to their membership.

No. The Stunt Directory is only open to those with a valid membership to The British Stunt Register. Members advertising in our Stunt Directory have met the stringent Entry Requirements for joining and are recognised as as working stunt professionals.

You may be able to use your work history to count towards your application to join. Please see the Application Requirements on the ‘Resources’ page, and note that supporting documentation in languages other than English may not be accepted – please enquire to the BSR Committee via the office:


No. While potentially useful to help learn various stunt specific skills we do not accept stunt school or stunt experience courses. Members of The British Stunt Register have attained high level, transferable skills through the Stunt Training Entry Requirements which cannot be simulated at stunt schools/stunt experience courses.

All members must complete the Stunt Training Entry Requirements (see here) through which, our members become adaptable and versatile stunt performers, capable of performing a wide range of stunt skills. In your career you may choose to follow a certain area of interest, but we aim to provide the most well rounded, capable, stunt performers to any production.

Yes, membership of any stunt organisation is not currently a legal requirement in the UK. However, the internationally unparalleled history of The British Stunt Register with an unrivalled body of work and the numerous personal advantages of becoming a member, we feel, to truly be considered a professional stunt performer/Coordinator, membership of The British Stunt Register is the obvious choice.

No. Our Stunt Grading Scheme see here uses a peer- review system to ensure that as members progress from Probationary to Intermediate and ultimately Full Member, they have acquired the relevant experience to be able to work as a Stunt Co-ordinator. This is a requisite of being a member of the British Stunt Register.

Productions must have. A stunt performer or action coordinator is carrying out the will of the production and production must always provide adequate insurance cover and should be willing to provide evidence of it if requested by the coordinator. Our members should carry Personal Accident Insurance (disclosing their Stunt Profession) as a condition of membership.

No. You do not have to be a member of the performers union Equity, but we highly recommend that our members look into the many benefits that Equity membership offers performers.

Who We Are

The British Stunt Register is the worlds leading and largest association of stunt professionals.

We provide the international film and television industry with stunt performers and co-ordinators of the highest standard.

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